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Research Activity

Research Activity

Research as an extended source of information in all areas of study is one of the main aims of the University of Salamanca and prides itself on its enthusiasm and efficiency.

Research schemes and programs

Research schemes and programs

Main plans and programs in the university field, autonomous research and national and international research.

Plataforma Apoyo a la Investigación


Plataforma de Apoyo a la Investigación de la Universidad de Salamanca que reúne un total de 20 Servicios dotados de personal altamente especializado y equipados con la última tecnología.

Research Development Agency

Research Development Agency

Get to know about the scientific activities in our University Community. Learn about different projects, research aids and research agreements.

Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación

Transfer Office of Research Results (OTRI)

Information about the services offered by the Transfer Office of Research Results to both researchers and companies.

Fundación parque científico

Scientific Park of The University of Salamanca

A physical space dedicated to research in humanities and technical studies and to provide services to enable companies to achieve success in R&D.

Centro innovación empresarial

Centre for Innovation and business ventures (CIDE)

CIDE supports and contributes to business development, development projects and advises entrepreneurs.